Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm a Dancing Star...

As if being portrayed on this blog wasn't bringing me enough stardom, I have now been featured on Duke's website. Duke staff put out a call for photos of people enjoying the new soundSpace exhibit at the Museum of Life and Science and I guess my picture made the cut!

Dance on!

Monday, October 13, 2008

3rd Annual Fall Harvest Pig Pickin'

We had another great Fall Harvest Pig Pickin' over the weekend. Last year was fun but this year was even better since I was walking and was able to hang with the big kids. G3 and PawPaw flew in for the party and brought cousin Joseph with them! I was so excited to see JoJo!! I kept saying his name over and over. Mom and Dad said they even heard me say JoJo in my sleep. I also woke up from my naps calling for JoJo! I am really going to miss playing with him!

We had lots of friends show up for the party and I was so glad to see some more kids my age this year. Well, they weren't all my age and let me tell you, that was frustrating. All I wanted to do was run and play like the big kids but my chubby little legs just couldn't keep up. All of the kids played flashlight tag and I had to let them know that I was capable of playing too and I wanted my own flashlight. Once I got it I put it up to my face and walked around saying boo.

We woke up on Sunday and said our goodbyes to G3, PawPaw and JoJo and then headed over to our neighbors for their annual Pig Pickin'. They had a trackter that took us around their farm for a hay ride. They also had several chicken coops and I was in love with those chickens. I even started to chirp Pio Pio (Cluck Cluck) every time they did.

Overall it was a great weekend and we are already looking forward to next year!!