Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No work for Mommy!

First let me start off by saying that our family is finally back together again! The reason we have not posted in a while is that Mom and I have been in NY for the last month. It was so awesome to see Dad again and I just hugged him constantly and said, "This is my Daddy" for three days straight!

Now on to the title, No work for Mommy! This is my morning statement nearly every morning lately. Mom and I have been having a blast together ever since she left her job and it has been really awesome to spend so much time together. We have been playing outside everyday and I have been able to reconnect with all of my outdoor critter friends such as beetles and worms...I really missed my beetles while we were away! We have also been cooking up a storm and I have become quite an eater! I usually like to eat anything that I have helped to make. Mom lets me sit on the counter and help with everything. This usually includes mashing something like squash or kneeding dough and getting covered in flour. I am really starting to enjoy cooking time in the kitchen!

I have also taken a huge liking to Bubble Water. This usually happens in the kitchen or bathroom sink and Mom lets me stand up on a chair at the sink and play with soapy bubble water. It is so much fun and I always talk about my friends Eleanor and Henry b/c they are the ones that taught us about Bubble Water when we were visiting them a few months ago. Speaking of favorite things to wear lately are Shoes! I love shoes (just like Mom) and I ask to wear Eleanors shoes nearly every day (she gave me some hand-me-down pink sneakers when we were visiting and I adore them even though they are 2 sizes too big for me!).

Other big developments include a language explosion and tumbles. I am speaking in full sentences and even paragraphs at times. Mom and Dad are always giggling at me and the things I come up with. Mostly everything I say can be clearly understood but if the listener doesn't understand I repeat and repeat getting louder each time until the listener finally figures out what I am trying to say. As for tumbles....I finally mastered the art of the forward roll. This happened while we were in NY and I performed a gymnastics routine that I put together nearly every day after I figured out the roll. Mom has had to set up soft mats in my room so I can do the tumbles at home and the coolest part is now I get to go to a gymnastics class once a week! Mom and Dad realized that "it was time" to let me show off my talent and get some coaching. They tell me at the gym that I am natural!

More pictures to come, our camera is having a panic attack!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video Haiku

Termite Haiku from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

A video haiku for

5 seconds, 7 seconds, 5 seconds