Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My First Halloween

Daddy's Lil' Ghoul!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone had a great evening and had lots of trick-or-treaters! Dad and Mom decided that I was a little too young for trick-or-treating so instead they dressed me up in a penguin suit and we went to Durham to the Eno River State Park for their Hallow-Eno celebration. I don't remember much since I was asleep for most it. We hiked up a trail through the woods to a bonfire where 2 men (one said his name was Gumby...and he didn't have a costume?) were telling stories by the fire. The first story was a Navajo tale about a dog with 4 eyes who fought monsters. The second story, which put me to sleep, was about a miller who had stored stolen gold in his grist mill only to find it wiped out by a flood. The legend has it that his gold is somewhere in the Eno River. I don't buy it!

The state park had turned the Mill that was alongside the river into a haunted house. Mom jumped a few times but I just looked at them and said to myself - "they made you dress up too"? The haunted mill wasn't too scary. Next year I think we are going to the haunted corn field and I am dressing up as a Whoopie Cushion!

Enjoy some of my scary photos!

Peek-a Pooh

Zipping me up

I'm a penguin!

Come on Dad, Mom brought the wig for you!

Mom's Lil' Penguin!

Finally, get me out of this suit!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back To Tennessee


Last weekend we took a trip back to TN to see my grandparents and because Dad wanted to see a concert at the Ryman Auditorium. It was great seeing everyone and meeting some of Dad's friends for the first time. I got to meet both Alex and Justin and they were so kind that they even brought me gifts. I also got to see Grandma Susan! She came up from Chattanooga for the day just to see me! On Saturday Pawpaw and G3 (Grandma Jane) had an Oktoberfest party at their house so I got to meet even more people. I must say I met a lot of people over the weekend and please excuse me if I don't remember you the next time we meet.

We are back home resting and getting ready for Hallow-Eno tomorrow night. We are going to the Eno River for a Halloween tradition!

Enjoy the pictures from TN and I'll be sure to post my 1st Halloween update asap.

Mom, seriously...don't leave me with them again!

Bella, Julie, Mom and Me (Joseph is going to be jealous!)

Wanna go for a ride, Cutie?

You better let me handle this one Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo is holding me!

Whoa, he almost dropped me!

Hey Maya, get used to it. Now that they have invented the
digital camera they just take picture after picture!

Playing with some of my new toys!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pig Pickin'

Linsay and Izy

On Saturday Mom, Dad and I threw a HUGE party. It was our 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Almost Full Moon Pig Pickin'. Our latest count had 108 people at the pickin'. If you've been to our house you know that's a lot of people for such a small place. Good thing it decided to rain for two days prior to the party!

A lot of people thought we were crazy for inviting so many people but Dad looks at it this way...he invited 108 babysitters! That's right, I was passed and passed and passed around and then passed around some more! I enjoyed every minute of it! I got to meet so many new faces and even some got to see my good friend Izy!

Mom's friend's husband's bluegrass band, The award winning Kudzu Ramblers, decided to join us for the party and played some great music for everyone. I think everyone had a good time as I know I did! Mom and Dad let me stay up until almost 1am! I did sleep on and off in the sling and then we all slept in on Sunday until 10:30!

Mom and Dad were so busy entertaining that they only took 2 pictures of the entire evening. One if their friends did take quite a few and we will post those once she sends them.

We look forward to having everyone out again next year for the 3rd annual shindig. Please feel free to join us!


Go visit the Happy Green Bee website and look for my first modeling picture under the Chapel Hill photo shoot. In case you are wondering why I look so happy, it's because I just got home from my second day of Day Care and soon after that photo I came down with my first illness and fever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What The Croup – Dad’s Gone Again?

I Make Good Babies!

I have to apologize for leaving my readers in suspense of what has been going on in my world over the last 2 weeks. It has been my goal to update this site at least once a week if not more. Keeping this blog has been the easiest form of communication for me since my little fingers work better than my lips and tongue. I have been trying to talk more and more as I discover these new and sometimes weird sounds but for now blogging is my best option. Web 2.0 is the newest wave of the immediate future and I’m trying my best to ride it out.

While Dad has been out of town working, or gallivanting as Mom says, in Los Angeles I have been dealing with yet another illness. I must ask…when will this madness stop? Will I continue to catch every bug that passes by or will I someday begin to fight off these pesky little creatures that ooze from my eyes and drip from my nose. Both Dad and Mom have been encouraging me to keep my spirits up as all of these illnesses have a purpose. They are helping me to build up my immune system to one day have a healthy and strong body.

This time around I am struggling with the ooze from my eyes and the beginnings of a light cough. These secretions are called the croup, not to be confused with the crap! To accelerate the recovery process Mom has been squirting breast milk in my eyes. I prefer it in my mouth but understand the benefits that it brings.

In case no one has caught on yet I have fallen ill every time Dad goes out of town. Mom thinks it is just a test of her abilities as a Mom while Dad thinks it’s because he is not here to protect me from them. Since Dad is traveling in November and December I may need to ask Mom if we can go. What do you think Mom?? I’ll be good! Just think, if I go with you, you won’t have to buy me any gifts!

Speaking of gifts, Dad brought some great gifts home from his trip to LA. He went to the LA County Art Museum to see the Dali exhibit and brought back a finger puppet book from the gift shop. He also went to Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Malibu and brought back some hip clothing and a few hats. I am sure that I will start the latest fad with my new hip west coast look!

I am glad Dad is back and am really looking forward to the Fall Harvest Pig Pickin this weekend.

Until then,


The MythBusters Keynote

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baby Talk - Maya Style

You made need another baby around to help translate what I am saying. As you can tell I found my voice the other day and have not let up.