Monday, April 28, 2008

MerleFest 2008

We just got back from a great weekend at MerleFest 2008. We had to go up a day late (Friday) because Mom and I were still getting over Strep. We had tickets for both Friday and Saturday and camped at Moravian Falls campground with all of our friends. Here is a slide show of our memories from this year.

My newest word is bubbles (said while blowing bubbles with Anna and Drew) and my newest trick is clapping (I clapped during and after every song).

Some of the highlights from the festival were an entire Led Zeppelin set by the Waybacks (supposedly will be released as a live album soon), Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs, Levon Helm and the Ramble on the Road (from The Band) with special guests Sam Bush and Bruce Hornsby, The Avett Brothers, Hot Buttered Rum and many many more. Be sure to check out YouTube since many of the fans have already posted some of the moments. Here is one from the Waybacks.

Check out for live downloads from the festival.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strep Throat!

Yes, that's right! I am sick again! I had a very high fever on Sunday of 104 followed by two days of low fevers around 100. Mom knew that my cranky behavior was not right so she took me to see Dr. Ramsdell today and she diagnosed me with Strep! We all know how serious Strep can be so we are not playing around. I started some antibiotics tonight and hope to begin feeling better by tomorrow. I know Mom and Dad are ready for that!

Much love to all and may you all stay healthy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Dad and I went to the Museum Park yesterday to visit Mom while she managed the Earth Day event at the Museum. It was a very leisure filled day with good friends and music. We got to see 5 of my closest friends and spend the day lying in the grass while listening to music from Kickin' Grass.

Today we spent the entire day in bed since I have fallen ill yet again! Not sure what I have this go around but with a 104 fever it can't be my teeth. We'll give the doctor a call tomorrow if I am still feverish. Even though I am running a really high fever I have maintained all of my playful flare. You wouldn't even know that I am sick until you picked me up and started sweating.

Enjoy some of our latest pics...

Earth Day Reflections (hand painted CD's from all the kids)

My good friend Jackie

Too much dancing!

Learning to stand

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gone Mobile!

I am here to say that I have now gone mobile and am on the loose. The world is mine and I will try my best to crawl through it. While I’m at it I’ll try to shed some weight and hopefully loose some of these rubber bands around my wrists! Enjoy the movie!

You can see my previous movie called Going Mobile by clicking the link.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day at the Museum Park

Here is Mom's new video podcast produced by the NC Department of Cultural Resources advertising the festivities happening this weekend for Earth Day at the Museum Park. Hope to see you all there!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Weekend With Mom

Play drums and reading books

Mom and I finally got to spend some time together this weekend. She has been working so much that I have not really been able to spend quality time with her. On Sunday we sat outside on a blanket and played with toys and read books. Mom even let me try some Breakfast O’s and I had a great time biting them with my new teeth. I also really liked waving to the people out in their yards but I don’t think they saw me because no one waved back. The woman across the street was mowing her lawn with a loud ride-on mower and it looked like so much fun. I waved vigorously every time she whizzed along the front portion of her yard but I guess she didn’t see me or hear me over the noise.

Mom put a shirt on me that said Nature Explorer for our outdoor adventures. I have decided that I really like exploring nature. While we were outside I tried to taste every stick, leaf and twig I could get my hands on. At one point I even got an acorn wedged in my check and I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack. She told me she thought she was going to have to perform the Heimlich!

The only thing I didn’t like about being outside is that I got a little sunburned. We only stayed out for a short time but my arms and head were pretty red when we came in. I think Mom felt bad and she said the next time she promises to use sun block, stay in the shade or just go out for a shorter amount of time. My skin is just too fair to take a lot of sun exposure but I am glad I was able to get a good dose of Vitamin D!!

Today was yet another fun day together. We went to swimming lessons this morning but I was so sleepy when we got there I just wanted to rest my head on Mom the whole time. At one point I decided to shut my eyes while we were doing back floats and I really could have napped like that for a while.

After swimming we went to the Chiropractor for my almost-11month check up. It was fun because Dr. Bell let me play with her toy bones. She did a few adjustments on me and it felt great. After watching me crawl around and do my gymnastics routine she informed Mom that she had better get ready to enroll me in ballet or gymnastics because she has never seen such a flexible baby. I love doing the splits and I enjoy going from a lying down split to a sitting up split in one motion. Mom just thought this was normal for a baby but Dr. Bell told her differently. When we left her office I was smiling, waving and of course chatting with anyone and everyone that would listen. I was just trying to tell them that I felt great!

On the way home Mom stopped at this great little park called “Dad’s Park” in Cary. She decided that it was time for me to try out a playground. I swung in the little baby girl swing and it was great. I squealed with delight every time Mom kissed my toes when I got close to her. I hung tight as the wind blew in my face and hair. It was fun! Then Mom and I went down the slide together but I didn’t think that was as much fun as the swing. We also tried the bouncy seesaw but we decided that it would be more fun to have another person on the other end. I hope we get to go back there again soon and next time we’ll bring along Dad!

By the way Dad was away since Thursday and he just got back last night. He really surprised me this morning when I woke up and found him home. I have been looking everywhere for him. Since Thursday I have been searching and waving under his pillows and he finally appeared this morning. Life is great!

Wrestling with my corn snake and watching
the neighbor mow her yard

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Invasive: Road Tattoos

Today I tried my hand at painting. Actually it was called Road Tattoos and we applied them to the House Creek Greenway in the Museum Park. Steed Taylor is the artist and has come down from New York to install art work in the Museum Park. The title to his piece is called "Invasive", a series of road tattoos that resemble invasive plant species. Mom was coordinating the help and so Dad and I went to lend a hand and to take a stab at painting ourselves. I got more paint on my hands than I did the Greenway. Who know, some day I may be a famous artist myself!

Driving to the site

Here I am, ready to paint!

My first tooth!

Painting inside the lines

The artist doing some touch up work to my section.