Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Dad and I went to the Museum Park yesterday to visit Mom while she managed the Earth Day event at the Museum. It was a very leisure filled day with good friends and music. We got to see 5 of my closest friends and spend the day lying in the grass while listening to music from Kickin' Grass.

Today we spent the entire day in bed since I have fallen ill yet again! Not sure what I have this go around but with a 104 fever it can't be my teeth. We'll give the doctor a call tomorrow if I am still feverish. Even though I am running a really high fever I have maintained all of my playful flare. You wouldn't even know that I am sick until you picked me up and started sweating.

Enjoy some of our latest pics...

Earth Day Reflections (hand painted CD's from all the kids)

My good friend Jackie

Too much dancing!

Learning to stand

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