Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rapid. Eye. Movement.

Tonight we headed over to Walnut Creek to see REM. Wow, bringing back the memories tonight! It seems like we finally broke the heat wave (it soared above 100 again for the 5th straight day here). However, a nice breeze, ice cold water and some old time dancing tunes made for a great evening under the stars.

I played hard and crawled all over the lawn visiting everyone around us. If they had food or beer I went for it. I even tried to steal the milk from the 2 year old tot just up the hill from us. I was like a snake in the weeds stalking my prey and waiting to pounce when they least expected it. The only problem is that I am a baby and so no one was afraid of me and they all wanted to offer me their food. Dad and Mom had to step in and redirect me back to my own green beans.

"I want what that kid has!"

All that crawling and dancing wiped me out!

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