Sunday, December 7, 2008


Mom and I traveled to Philly about a month ago to meet Dad who was there for a conference. We were so busy over the last month to find the time to post any pictures from our trip. We only had a few days to see the city and 2 of Mom and Dad's friends who live in the area. Enjoy the pictures.

"Your Move" is located near Love Park in downtown Philly. The plaza of oversized game pieces including dominoes, Sorry, Monopoly, Parcheesi, checkers, chessman and bingo chips are scattered around the plaza. The whimsical artwork installation is intended to function as a catalyst for memory between childhood memory and adult responsibility.

Love Park. The fountain is pink for breast cancer awareness week.

The Magic Garden. It was closed when we showed up but just seeing the outside was quite impressive.

The Please Touch Museum

I love motorcycles!

Taking care of a little baby boy who was in the infirmary at the Museum.

Ordering some sausages from the meat monger in the supermarket.

The checkout line was a little backed up.

A big bicycle contraption that powered the flower pedals above.

My feet didn't reach the pedals.

Our friends Joe and Meg and their little baby boy, Luca.

My new boyfriend, Luca.

My other friends Logan and Sharron.

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redheadedhowler said...

My gosh, Logan and Sharron are so big! And, remind me to tell you the funny story about the Magic Garden next time we talk. :)