Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Merlefest 2009

We had another great year at Merlefest 2009. We had 4 days of fun, sun and music with our good friends from Chattanooga. Mom and Dad had been telling me about the festival and getting to see Drew, Anna, Holden and Sam every night leading up to it. I was so excited to finally get there and play with kids.

For those of you interested in all of our pictures from Merlefest 2009 check out our Flickr Pool.

Our camp from Thursday through Sunday at the Moravian Falls Campground

It was very hot during the day and what little shade there was, it was almost certainly always taken. I had to lather myself in sunscreen to protect my very fair skin. Days of sunscreen and no showers had my hair standing on its own.

Pyramid with Drew, and Anna

Watching the Del McCoury Band play in the kids tent. This may have been the best show we saw all weekend!

We played, danced and rolled in the grass with our glow in the dark sticks from 630pm until 1130pm on Saturday night as Sam Bush and Emmylou Harris played on the main stage. When the show was over I was asleep n 30 seconds and slept harder than I ever have!

Playing in the Moravian Falls

A little frog I caught just below the falls

Blowing bubbles with Anna at camp

At home after the festival enjoying the pool that we stopped to buy on the way home. We are most surely in the red neck category now with our inflatable pool. The only problem is that the water comes from our well and is mind numbingly cold!

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