Friday, January 29, 2010

Maya and the Maiasaur

It's been a while since we've last updated our blog and as you can imagine we've been quite busy. But not too busy to keep us from having any fun. Now that Mom is a full-time Mom we've been hitting up our local Museums (Museum of Life and Science, Natural Sciences and Marbles Kids Museum), sewing various items, working on all kinds art projects and much, much more! Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to see the Dinosaurs at the Museum of Life and Science

Maya and the Maiasaur

Dwarfed by the Alamosaurus

Crawling on the Parasaurolphus

Frozen waterfall at the black bear overlook


Anonymous said...

Maya, you look so little among the dinasaurs and so big sitting at your desk in the kitchen. Love you.

jane said...

I personally like the "grrrrr" expression by Maya. Maya you are becoming a real live unique critter. Cannot wait to visit. love and hugs, but don't hurt me with your new nail extensions!Gigi