Friday, August 15, 2008

Tubtime and Bull Durham

With my belly full and hair growing out and getting curly I thought it was time to post some tubtime pictures. Dad was relentlessly squirting me all night until I finally took it away and gave him a squirt or two. Now that I am walking I can not seem to sit still in the tub. I walk from one end to the other and back and have no desire to sit. It's a little dangerous but I like living dangerously!

Even though my belly is sticking out here and I look like I have Dunlap's disease I seem to be losing some weight. (Dunlap's disease is where your belly has done lapped over your belt, or diaper in this case!) All of this walking and endless activity is finally paying off! My diapers are fitting better and keeping more of the you know what in! I know it's hard to tell from looking at my legs but we can definitely tell a difference when we put the diapers on.

See what I mean!

Dancing in the new soundSpace exhibit at the Museum of Life and Science. We went to the Museum on Wednesday night for a Staff party celebrating the opening of our newest exhibit soundSpace. What a great place to shake some of my new dance moves!

After the game we headed over to the Durham Bulls game with some friends. I was so mad at the ball players for not sharing the ball with me. They just kept throwing it to themselves and never shared.

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