Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Mom has become very crafty lately and we are having a lot of fun. A few months ago she came across a post on her friend Molly's blog about making your own playsilks. Actually, Mom is so inspired by Molly's creativity that there are several things she wants to make (yes, Molly our little cardboard kitchen is still in the works but man that is a tough project!). So, Mom decided that it was time to make our very own Koolaid playsilks. We set out to gather the materials about two months ago and Mom started talking it up with our friends Linsay and Izy. The undyed Habotai 30" x 30" silks were purchased from the Dharma Trading Co. and a boatload of Koolaid packets and vinegar was gathered up from the local supermarket.

Directions for creating your own playsilks can be found on Sara's Toy Box and The Artful Parent.

Yes, this project calls for A LOT of Koolaid! It smelled so good but Mom wouldn't let me even have a sip. Each scarf took 3 - 4 packets.

This project can be done in the microwave but we heeded Molly's advice about the wretched smell of cooking plastic wrap in the microwave and opted for the stove top. It worked perfectly! The yellow Koolaid was the only one that came out a little light so we had to add several extra packets to get a darker effect.

The Mom's did a great job at manning the stove top....

And we did a great job at inspecting their work!

We really made a mess of the kitchen (we hope the stains came out of the countertop Amy!) but the final product was all worth it. Mom kept saying how amazing it was that Koolaid could be so color fast...wonder what it could be doing to our insides?

We were so proud of our playsilks that Mom and I decided to have a tea party with them the next afternoon (thanks for the idea Stella Dot). I decided to call Stella Dot (on the phone she left here) to see if she could come over for the party but she was under the weather. Maybe Mom will let me invite a bunch of friends over when the weather is nicer and we can have a playsik tea party outside!

Drinking tea from my favorite soup cups.

I recently got my very own Mei Tai so I can carry around my babies in my very on "bak-pak". It was made just for me by Amy May!

Oh and that little purse? Well, that is my baby's diaper bag of course!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so clever! I'll have to do our next batch of playsilks on the stovetop instead. (And, yes, the kitchen is a LOT of work -- that's why I never got to the "finished" product. Kids didn't mind though!)

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea. When I come for a visit Maya and I will have to have tea one afternoon.

Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

That's great! We are all babies and bottles and highchairs all the time over here. Well, we stop for an occasional book or two, but that's about it. Oh, and we were given ANOTHER cell phone, so for all its "plastic fantastic" you can keep the one we left there!

And, let's definitely have a tea party soon!