Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Three H's

Help. Hold. Hurt.

I have experienced a major explosion over the last three weeks. I am learning and saying new words every day. Some of the words are taught to me each day and some are ones that I have heard in the past and somehow managed to store them for use at the perfect time. I have managed to pull a few words out of my hat that have Mom and Dad amazed. But the three most popular words right now in my vocabulary are the three H's.

Help: As I begin to explore more and more I have realized that if I say "help" I usually get assistance and the task is made a little easier.

Hold: Either I want to be held or I want you to hold whatever I have. I even wake Mom and Dad up every morning saying "hold me".

Hurt: Mom and Dad taught me the sign for hurt before I could speak so that I could tell them through signing if I was hurt. When I have to poop I sign (and now say) hurt while pointing to my tummy. When I fall and scrape my knee I point to my knee and say "knee hurt". When I wake up in the morning I point to my eye and say "hurt, eye". In fact, I have been pointing to my eye for the past 2 weeks saying hurt. Mom and Dad have been trying to figure out if I am just saying it because I can or if I am actually hurt. Well, now that Dad has pink eye I think they know!

Also, ever since PawPaw got "hurt" I point to the ambulance in my book and say "hurt, PawPaw". I hope to one day look at the book and not have to say that!

We took a walk down to our neighbors to see the horses. This particular horse really made Mom and I feel small! The horses are always so excited to see us. As soon as they see us coming they come trotting towards the fence.

MiMa came along for the walk to see the horses too. Actually, MiMa has been here for the last 3 weeks. We have been searching and interviewing for a new nanny/childcare ever since Andrea (my Nanny) left us back in January. Twice we have had a nanny lined up and two days before starting they have backed out leaving us stranded and out of work. So, we called MiMa to the rescue! It has been so nice having MiMa down helping with things around the house as well as giving Mom and Dad a chance to have a few nights out! Thanks, MiMa!!

I start at a new childcare/nanny on Monday. I'll be sure to fill you in on the big change.

Mom is still teaching the Aqua Moms class with Healthy Moms. We go every Saturday and Monday morning for a little water play.

My classmates

I have accumulated so many babies that I need a box to carry them all around! They go from my bed to the desk where they have a lesson in drawing. From there they follow me to the table where I feed them. I can not finish a meal without making sure everyone else is fed...and that includes my babies, Mom, Dad and even MiMa. I still only take one or two bites of every meal (I'm still about 90% breast fed) and once my two bite maximum is up I feed the rest to everyone else.

I have been very adamant about wearing the clothes that I pick out. I'll go into my room and grab whatever clothes I can and try to put them on. As you can see from the pair of shorts on my head, I'm still learning how to dress myself! Mom and Dad get a kick out of the things I pull out and put on. They are being pretty nice about it and are trying to go with the flow so long as we are not going out into public...

Except for this one time!

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