Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Busted Ankle

Lance Armstrong had a nasty wreck this week breaking his collarbone and jeopardizing his return the Tour de France. As a fellow Speed Racer, I know how it feels to injure yourself while riding your bike. Thankfully my injury is not nearly as bad as Lance's injury.

We are still not sure how my ankle got so bruised but we think it had to be from the bike. Either I am immune to pain or it's simply a bad bruise. I complain of pain saying and signing hurt but I continually point to my knee? Mom and Dad are still trying to figure it out but we're not too concerned since it hasn't slowed me down a bit.

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Evia, Tim, Elijah and Belle said...

Oh no Maya. Take care of that ankle. Got to keep those pedaling feet healthy!