Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

Mom to Maya: (folding laundry in the laundry room and noticing a small ruffle in the air. Mom looks down at her barefoot and notices a brown streak) "Did you just poopie?"

Maya to Mom: "Yes."

Mom to Maya: "Where?"

Maya: (running around naked with hands in the 'I don't know' position yelling) "Poopie, are you?"

Scene ends as the two scour the house in search for the lost poopie.

You see, there is a reason I had my diaper off to begin with. I have been peeing on the toilet a lot lately (4 times yesterday) so Mom and Dad let me run around the house without my diaper. I have not mastered pooping on the potty so if nature calls, I have nothing to catch it. I'm still not sure we found it all but we did our best.

On Tuesday I am starting the 4th week of my new daycare. I am now in a home with 4 other kids ages 4 months to 2 years. The first two weeks were great. I loved going and never cried when Mom and Dad left me. When the third week came along I began to cry as we turned into the neighborhood. Every morning it would get a little worse.

All of the other kids already know each other so I am coming in as the new kid on the block. I've tried to make my presence known to all by establishing my dominance over them. I am pretty sure I own the place by now. Everything is mine! If you have it, I want! If you take it from me, I'll slap you! I even whacked Jeremiah right when I walked in on Thursday morning. Mom, Dad and Miss Erica are not too happy with me right now but they understand that I'm still learning.

Overall, we're doing great! I'm talking up a storm and noticing everything in the world that my books have been teaching me. The world is large and my brain is like a sponge!

Back to my book...Everybody Poops

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