Monday, July 13, 2009

Swing Set

Forget the playgrounds! I have my own swing set now! Mima bought me this swing set for my 2nd birthday. Mom and Dad really wanted to buy a used swing set so we had to wait until we found one on craigslist. We found one about 3 weeks ago and before we left for our trip to NY we had some friends help us break it down and haul it over to our house.

I worked on the slide while the rest of the crew disassembled the main structure.

If the fort can hold up 3 grown men it can hold me! The swing set is 8 years old and needs a little washing and sanding, but for the main part, it's in great condition!

The day after we brought the swing set home we left for NY leaving us no time to put it together. I was told the whole time that as soon as we got home we'd put it up. On Sunday, during my afternoon nap, Dad and our neighbor Ed added 4 posts for additional support and then began putting it back together. It was like magic - asleep one moment and then poof - I had a swing set! I wouldn't let Dad and Ed finish the roof without personally trying out the swing!

Helping Dad rebuild the sandbox and picnic bench that sits under the fort. We will post more pictures of the finished backyard playground soon.

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redheadedhowler said...

Nice work guys! I'm sorry I never called on Friday morning, things were just crazy and now we are in California! I'll write you a proper note when we are back home. Great to see you all.