Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

The Ice Cream Truck!

Ever since our trip to New York and my introduction to ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck, it's all I think about. That night we signaled to the driver and he pulled over and passed out some delicious cones of soft serve ice cream. Let me tell you, I secured that hypnotic song from the ice cream truck into my memory and every night when the truck drove by I let everyone know what I wanted. We only had ice cream once during our 10 day stay. It was torture!

Even after being home for 3 weeks and not hearing the repetitive sounds from the ice cream truck I still ask for it. "Ice Cream Truck, Mom?" It has been non-stop begging and I have not been getting my way. That stopped when Mom and Dad had the idea to make homemade ice cream from our mountain of blueberries we have been collecting.

So we headed out to the back yard and picked 16 cups of blueberries. We cooked the berries, added the cream and then headed to the store to buy an ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aide mixer.

I was so excited I could hardly stand it. And if you thought I said ice cream truck all the time then, just wait. It's all I want and it's all I talk about! On Sunday and Monday "Ice Cream Truck, Mom" were the first words out of my mouth when I woke up!

Our blueberries are finally plump and juicy enough to pick. We've been picking them for the last 2 weeks but they were still a little tart. We are in full swing now!

Mom and Dad finished the evening off making blueberry jam. We had so many berries that they were able to make 2 batches. I tested it out this morning and it was D-lish!

Ice Cream!



redheadedhowler said...

I'm blue with envy! That ice cream looks amazing. Don't be surprised if the kids and I are on your doorstep later begging blueberries.

Brad said...

You are welcome anytime, but you better hurry up if you still want some blueberries. Otherwise, you'll just get the frozen variety.

Holly said...

I miss my blueberry bushes and am sure there is a good crop this year. I've got lemons and grapes out here. Has Maya had a taste of loco pops?

Brad said...

She loves Loco Pops but now we're into making our own pops!

Anonymous said...

Maya, you come by your love of ice cream naturally. That is my favorite food group. Yum, Yum.