Monday, August 24, 2009

Can Bubbles Cure a Broken Pelvis?

I sure think so!

About 2 weeks ago Mima slipped and fell while she was walking her dog and broke her pelvis in two places. So without hesitation, we packed up the car and headed back up to NY to be with her. She is doing great and recovering more and more each day. She'll leave rehab this Friday but will still need constant care for at least the next 4 weeks. Mom and I will stay up here and help take care of her while Dad will fly back home.

The video above was shot at the nursing rehab facility. We have been going over there everyday to be with Mima to "make her happy" as I like to say. Today, I took the bubbles and after rubbing them into my hands, I gently massaged it into her hurt leg. At the end of the video you can barely here me say "all better". I must have rubbed half of the bottle of bubbles on her leg before declaring her cured!

And if some of you are wondering how Mom is able to stay up in NY for the next 4 weeks without returning home, it's because she has left her job! Yes, that's right! She is now a full time stay-at-home Mom! I am SO excited. Yeah Mom!

Once we get Mima "all better" we'll return home and begin the art projects!

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