Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunshine Swing Set. Beetle Queen. Mando Maya.

Go grab some popcorn because it's movie time!!

Sunshine Swing Set from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

Maya is such a gem! Playing with her fills our day with so much joy. I wanted to make a movie that incorporated some new features on my camera. Why not practice them on Maya by following her around as she explores our yard and her new swing set.

When G. Love says "baby don't go", we think of it as "baby don't grow up"! Terrible twos or terrific twos? Who knows! We just know that we have a bundle of energy who is learning something new each and every day by exploring more and more and opening her mind through adventure. We're just trying to keep up!

A few have suggested that we include more videos without the music and more of just her talking and being herself. This video does that, the being herself part at least. She talks constantly but she also thinks most situations through without saying much. Here's Maya catching a beetle, making a habitat for it and then playing with it before letting it go back into the yard.

Beetle Queen from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

And finally, after a few hours outside on the swing set we come in for a little jam session. Ever since we saw Dan Zanes in concert she has been wanting to play our mandolin instead of her pink guitar. I adjusted the strap to fit her and away she went like a seasoned pro. Now all we need is a drummer and a guitar player. Oh, and Maya can most likely take the lead on vocals since she has a powerful set of lungs!

Mando Maya from Brad Herring on Vimeo.



Anonymous said...

Maya, I picture you as the entomologist extroidinaire as well as a country music star. You are so cute. I am so glad you are enjoying your swing set.

Tales From Alexandria said...

so cute!!! they grow so fast!!