Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Wow! I love Halloween! We had an action packed day and night filled with some exciting highlights. We started out at a Healthy Moms gathering where we brought our homemade magic pretzel wands to share. Then we headed over to the Museum of Natural Sciences to enter a costume competition and see all the live animals. And we topped off the night with some trick-or-treating with friends. We packed in a bunch of photos to this post, Enjoy!

Homemade butterfly wings made from coat hangers and old stockings. We worked together applying the glitter.

Having my face painted butterfly style at the Museum.

All the trick-or-treaters getting fortified for the big night by eating some pizza.

Now what was I supposed to do with this ghost bag that we made?

Wonder Woman showing me the way (notice I took my wings off? By the end of the night I was in a t-shirt and tights and folks were asking what had happened to my costume! Well it was 70 degrees that night!)

Organizing and categorizing all the loot. Later that night once we got home we left my candy at the door for the Switch Witch, who took the candy and exchanged it for 2 great books this morning.

Enjoying a Tootsie Pop acquired at the very first house (waiting all the way to have this until the end of the night was torture!).

Time to make my cocoon.

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