Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Uninvited Guest

For the past few months we have had lovely visitors grace our doorstep which has been a lot of fun however, two weeks ago the flu entered our home. We did not invite this sickness guest into our home and I am glad that it is on the way out and we are all feeling a lot better! The flu tests came back negative on me but my doctor is sure I had some kind of para-flu which is basically a virus that acts like the flu but it not classified. Whatever it was, it was bad and we all got it! Mom is still blowing her nose like a trumpet!

I had a raging fever but we were getting cabin fever so it was good to get out and get some fresh air and collect some fall leaves. Even though we were sick Mom was still busy planning all kinds of fall projects. Next post will highlight some of the fun! Stay tuned!

Hunting for the perfect pink and red leaves.

Drawing with some leaves...this picture doesn't make me look sick at all!

Resting in a leaf pile.

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