Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Said Fall Was Canceled?

Last week Dad brought home the Onion and one of the lead stories really caught my eye - Fall Canceled After 3 Billion Seasons. It's hard to believe that on November 18th it would be 70 degrees outside and we'd be wearing shorts for a hike around Lake Johnson. But we were on a mission to prove that in fact fall has arrived and the colors it made are as brilliant as ever. The pictures below may not show the vibrant colors we witnessed but this has to be the best fall I've seen. I know, it's the only fall I've seen but Dad and Mom both agree that it is a very colorful year. We were beginning to think that we wouldn't have a fall at all due to our severe drought this year. But somehow the leaves pulled through and are not ready to give up on the best season of the year. Who knows, next week we may eat Turkey on the picnic table outside in shorts and t-shirts?

I hope everyone enjoys the fall season and has a wonderful Day of Thanksgiving! I'll be making pumpkin butts this week so check back soon for a unique look into the making of a pumpkin butt!

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