Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maya Snorebites

It has been a long, long weekend at the Herring Infirmary! Two days after I came down with the Flu Dad started showing signs of it and within minutes of developing a cough he was in the bed with a high fever too. It was nasty and it had a hold of us. Dad and I always seemed to be competing for loudest most obnoxious cough and annoying patient in the Infirmary.

And to make matters worse (and good) we had family in town for the weekend. Poor Aunt Cindy and Cousin Elizabeth came to visit and simply picked the wrong (or right) weekend to visit. I'm not sure what we would have done without them here. They cleaned, cooked, went grocery shooping, babysat...you name it and they did it! I just hope they don't arrive back in Atlanta with the Flu. Thanks, Cindy and Elizabeth!! We are so grateful that you were here!

Dad decided to capture of few sounds from the Infirmary and put them to music. Click here to listen to our newest song Maya Snorebites. It's just a sample of the odd and grotesque sounds that came from our bout with the nasty flu bug. I hope everyone stays healthy and flu free!

ps...If my eye looks a little puffy in the picture above that's because it is. We think that I have been rubbing my buggers from my dripping nose into my eye and thus infecting it with the virus. We are dropping breast milk into my eye 3 times a day to help heal it.

Sharing snot rags.

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