Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing in the Wind

We had another relaxing Sunday today. As usual Dad and Luis played soccer while Mom and I went for a walk with Linsay and Izzy at the park. We had to skip out on lunch with Linsay and Luis because Mom wasn't feeling too well. We came home so Mom could take a nap before our Wee Hands sign language class (Learn and Grow Together).

We have had 3 of 8 classes and know 75 words. I should say that Mom and Dad know 75 words while I only know a few. I have been working hard on my coordination and now can sign milk, bath time, food, Mom and Dad. We practice everyday on new words, old words and lots of songs. Mom even signs a book to me every night before we go to bed. Before too long I'll be using those 75 words and my beautiful voice!

Wyatt is our Wee Hands instructor's son. I think we could be brother and sister!

Today we had over 40 mph winds and it made for a great afternoon of playing with the windsock and laughing at the leaves swirling in the wind. I think we are pretty lucky to have not lost any trees today. The wind was so bad that it caused widespread fires across the county with hundreds of acres and even a few houses destroyed. While we played in the wind I must say that our hearts were going out to those who were fighting the fires.

Get me closer Mom!

Got it!!

With Valentines Day around the corner we decided to switch out the windsock.

Shelter from the wind...

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Becka said...

Aww don't they look cute. They do look alike. They are a couple of cuties!