Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aqua Baby

Momma, Mom, Mama...no matter how you write it or how you say it they all mean the same thing. And when I say momma it means everything! Yep, it's my new word of the week. Dad and I were staying home last week recovering from the flu and it just came out. I couldn't stop saying it either. It was like I had a broken record on my tongue...but to Mom's ears it was sweet music! She came home for lunch that day to feed me and before she left I said it. I tried to sneak it in to see if she was listening and sure enough she was. She was so excited she couldn't stand it. I think I made her day.

And then just today I said Maya. Maybe the time has come to put all of my sign language to the test and start mouthing the words I already know how to sign? So, with the important words like Dad, Mom and Maya out of the way...what's next? We're working on avocado for now. We'll get back to you on that one!

Enjoy some of our pics from the Aqua Mom's class that Mom and I go to every Monday. I love the pool!

using my tongue for extra umph!

Wiped out!

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