Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth

Weeeeee! Weeeee!!

In case you couldn't figure it out, weeeee is my new word that I have been using for the past 2 weeks. It all started from the swinging motion of the hammocks and the swing, then it moved inside to Dad's spinning office chair, and more recently it comes from being pushed around in a shoe box. Yes a shoe box, you should try it, it's fun! I also yelled weeeee when I began to feel the tug of the seat belt on a curve that Dad took a little too fast. Who knows, I may have even yelled weeee when the fireworks popped.

Yes, we did go to see some fireworks this weekend and we grilled out and went on a picnic. Dad spent part of the afternoon teaching me how to grill. We then packed up the food and headed over to the Koka Booth Amphitheater for a picnic and some fireworks. The NC Symphony was playing and there must have been 10,000 people as we were hard pressed to find any picnic real estate with a view of the sky. As it turns out, we didn't need that view. About 15 minutes prior to blast off lightning filled the sky followed by a loud thunder clap. Everyone stood up cheering thinking the fireworks had started but we knew something wasn't right when we saw the hairs on our arm standing up. The lightning strikes kept coming and they were so close that you could practically feel the electricity in the air.

We knew that sitting in a groove of trees was not the best idea nor was getting wet something we looked forward to so we pack up and headed back to the car. We waited around for a bit to see if the storm would pass for the fireworks but they decided to cancel them and shoot them off the next night. So instead we headed back home and curled up in the hammocks for some natural fireworks and booming thunder.

We headed back to Koka Booth on Saturday so we could see the fireworks and arrived just in time. This time we stayed in the parking lot as opposed to going down to the Amphitheater. The show was incredible and the noise was tremendous. I never took my eyes from the sky as I tried to figure out what all of the commotion was for. I just sat back in my rocker, enjoyed the show and yelled weeee!!

Today we headed over to the Festival for the Eno in Durham. Another great year with great music, food and fun! We hope everyone had a great weekend and will continue to enjoy the summer as much as we are!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maya,

I am so glad you didn't get scared of the fireworks. I know you had fun this weekend. If I didn't know better I would have thought you were grilling a snake you found in the woods.

Love you. Gramma

Brad said...

How do you know it wasn't the snake I found in the woods?

Anonymous said...

Because you didn't gut it before you grilled it.