Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friends and Blueberries...what more could you want?

Leslie, Isejah and Maya

Our friends from St Croix came to visit us over the weekend and it was so good to see them. Since they live so far away we don't get to see them very often and in fact, the last time they came here they came alone. This time around they had an addition to the family. Isejah, who is now 5 months old, was a trooper making the trip all the way here and we had such a good time playing, slobbering, yelling and crying. Yes, crying! We both welcomed new teeth (for Isejah his first 2 bottom teeth and for me my top 2 teeth!) and we let everyone know just how we felt. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy bustin' them chompers in!

Leslie, Buchie and Isejah came to visit at the right time! We are overwhelmed with our blueberry crop this year. We can't keep up with the production. Last night we went out for 30 minutes and picked 17 cups! Last year we only yielded 24 cups (800 year drought and frost on April 15) and as of last night we have already picked 45 cups. We took the recipe from our friends website and made a bumbleberry pie, we've made loads of the worlds best blueberry muffins (we could market these!), a no-bake blueberry cheesecake and next week we'll try blueberry beer and blueberry jam. The rest of the berries we'll plan on freezing for tasty treats throughout the year.

Mom and I have been a little busy with friends and work and will try to get the trip to Wrightsville Beach up soon. Enjoy the pics below and send us your favorite blueberry recipe and we'll try it out for you!

Tag team on the radio flyer

Even with the ladder we can't reach them all!

Berry Good!

We'll pick all the blue ones and then by morning it looks like we didn't even pick any!

17 cups in 30 minutes!!

Bumbleberry Pie

Walking in my Mother's footsteps!

Miss Cool!

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