Monday, July 7, 2008

Red Shoes: Like Mother Like Daughter.

The other day when we were at Koka Booth for the fireworks I spotted a pair of orange crocks. They were the coolest shoes ever and I have decided that since everyone is wearing these lately I want to be part of the trend too. My friend Abi has a pair of Sponge Bob crocks, all the kids on the playground have crocks and even our neighbor has several pairs of crocks in really cool colors. So when I saw these orange crocks I realized that I NEEDED to have a pair.

For the past three days now every time we went by the crock aisle (you know, now they have whole sections in stores devoted to crocks) I let Mom know that I wanted a pair. She finally let me try on a black pair at Great Outdoor Provision Company and I screamed bloody murder when she said they weren't the right size and they didn't have my extra small size. Finally, today we were in the grocery store and they had a crock aisle (of course) and I decided to let Mom know that I needed them NOW! She finally realized that I wasn't going to let up so she selected a red pair (ironically the only color they had in my small size) and I latched on to those things and decided I wasn't going to let them go.

Mom tells me that her first pair of shoes were red too! She says they were red sparkly shoes like Dorothy had in the Wizard of Oz. When Mom got her red shoes she, like me, would not let them go. She even went to bed and slept with them on for a whole week (how did Grandma Mary let her get away with this!). So far, I road in my buggy with my new red shoes on, walked in the garden, played with my toys, ferociously pulled them back on every time they fell off and who knows, I may even sleep with my new red shoes on tonight too.

There's no place like home. Click Clack.

Bonus picture: I now "hear" things and sign to you that I "hear" them!


Anonymous said...


Gramma has some red crocs too. We will have to wear them and go for a walk when you come see me.

I love you. Gramma

Evia, Tim, Elijah & Belle said...

You're such a big girl Maya. Love the shoes! Red is a great color.

Greg said...

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