Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Naming Ceremony

Just as the birds began to sing on Sunday morning an Otomi Native American appeared at our doorstep. This was not just any Native American, it was a good friend of Mom and Dad's and he came to conduct my Native American Naming Ceremony.

A Naming Ceremony can be conducted at two different times during one's lifetime. The first being when they are a child, while the other happening after a lifetime achievement during adulthood. Mom and Dad have been planning this Naming Ceremony since before I was born so we were very excited that the day had finally arrived. We chose to hold the naming ceremony this week in honor of my 2nd birthday (May 28).

We all sat around the fire pit in our backyard while he cleansed himself and donned his moccasins so that his feet would be firmly planted on the Earth. He then preceded to smudge us with smoke from a lavender and herb mixture while chanting a Cherokee ceremonial opening song. He ended with a prayer and then anointed me with my Indian name "Birdsong". The name Birdsong originates from a hike at a special place that he and Mom took while Mom was pregnant. It was a very fitting name since all of the birds sounded as if they were calling my name throughout the ceremony. It was a beautiful and peaceful event.

After the ceremony he presented me with a handmade traditional fan with locally collected hawk feathers and seashells.

After the ceremony Mom and Dad prepared a beautiful meal which included fresh corn on the cob. It appears that the name Birdsong may be a perfect fit since I could not stop pecking at this cob.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Maya!
We love Birdsong!
Love, cindy

Tiara said...

You guys are the coolest parents - you have such a beautiful 2-year-old!