Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm two going on three

On May 28th I turned two years old, but if you ask me, I'll tell you I'm three. Mom and Dad keep telling me that I can do certain things when I get older so I guess I am trying to trick them into thinking that I'm old enough now!

So for my birthday, Mom and I took a hike down to the end of the neighborhood to have a picnic with the horses. We packed up the buggy, brought along Jenny and Oscar (my cabbage patch kids), and a few snacks. It was a wonderful time, great weather, and all the horses came out to play.

Munching on some snacks while Jenny and Oscar take a nap.

When we first arrived at the stables the horses were scattered all over the fields. I started yelling "HORSEY" and immediately they all came running. It was wild watching them respond to me like that. I felt bad however, not being able to share my lunch with them.

While we were there the keepers came down to feed the horses. They asked if I wanted to help feed them but I didn't really feel like getting out of my buggy. I have become a little shy around these horses of late. When I was younger and more naive I wouldn't think twice about petting them. So instead, the keeper walked the horses right by my buggy as I sat and excitedly waved at each passing horse.

Later that evening Grandma and Papa Richard arrived from Chattanooga. Dad prepared a wonderful dinner and we topped it off with a fresh strawberry shortcake.


Earlier that week we met a friend of Mom and Dad's to pick some strawberries at the Vollmer Farm. We picked 2 baskets of strawberries but decided not to jam them since they weren't the sweetest berries we've had. Instead, we made lots of smoothies and topped almost every breakfast with fresh berries until we finished every last one!

My friend Izzy

We'll have to compare to next year.

The coolest John Deer chopper-tricycle ever!

Being silly

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