Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back To Tennessee


Last weekend we took a trip back to TN to see my grandparents and because Dad wanted to see a concert at the Ryman Auditorium. It was great seeing everyone and meeting some of Dad's friends for the first time. I got to meet both Alex and Justin and they were so kind that they even brought me gifts. I also got to see Grandma Susan! She came up from Chattanooga for the day just to see me! On Saturday Pawpaw and G3 (Grandma Jane) had an Oktoberfest party at their house so I got to meet even more people. I must say I met a lot of people over the weekend and please excuse me if I don't remember you the next time we meet.

We are back home resting and getting ready for Hallow-Eno tomorrow night. We are going to the Eno River for a Halloween tradition!

Enjoy the pictures from TN and I'll be sure to post my 1st Halloween update asap.

Mom, seriously...don't leave me with them again!

Bella, Julie, Mom and Me (Joseph is going to be jealous!)

Wanna go for a ride, Cutie?

You better let me handle this one Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo is holding me!

Whoa, he almost dropped me!

Hey Maya, get used to it. Now that they have invented the
digital camera they just take picture after picture!

Playing with some of my new toys!

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