Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pig Pickin'

Linsay and Izy

On Saturday Mom, Dad and I threw a HUGE party. It was our 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Almost Full Moon Pig Pickin'. Our latest count had 108 people at the pickin'. If you've been to our house you know that's a lot of people for such a small place. Good thing it decided to rain for two days prior to the party!

A lot of people thought we were crazy for inviting so many people but Dad looks at it this way...he invited 108 babysitters! That's right, I was passed and passed and passed around and then passed around some more! I enjoyed every minute of it! I got to meet so many new faces and even some got to see my good friend Izy!

Mom's friend's husband's bluegrass band, The award winning Kudzu Ramblers, decided to join us for the party and played some great music for everyone. I think everyone had a good time as I know I did! Mom and Dad let me stay up until almost 1am! I did sleep on and off in the sling and then we all slept in on Sunday until 10:30!

Mom and Dad were so busy entertaining that they only took 2 pictures of the entire evening. One if their friends did take quite a few and we will post those once she sends them.

We look forward to having everyone out again next year for the 3rd annual shindig. Please feel free to join us!



Go visit the Happy Green Bee website and look for my first modeling picture under the Chapel Hill photo shoot. In case you are wondering why I look so happy, it's because I just got home from my second day of Day Care and soon after that photo I came down with my first illness and fever.

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