Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My First Halloween

Daddy's Lil' Ghoul!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone had a great evening and had lots of trick-or-treaters! Dad and Mom decided that I was a little too young for trick-or-treating so instead they dressed me up in a penguin suit and we went to Durham to the Eno River State Park for their Hallow-Eno celebration. I don't remember much since I was asleep for most it. We hiked up a trail through the woods to a bonfire where 2 men (one said his name was Gumby...and he didn't have a costume?) were telling stories by the fire. The first story was a Navajo tale about a dog with 4 eyes who fought monsters. The second story, which put me to sleep, was about a miller who had stored stolen gold in his grist mill only to find it wiped out by a flood. The legend has it that his gold is somewhere in the Eno River. I don't buy it!

The state park had turned the Mill that was alongside the river into a haunted house. Mom jumped a few times but I just looked at them and said to myself - "they made you dress up too"? The haunted mill wasn't too scary. Next year I think we are going to the haunted corn field and I am dressing up as a Whoopie Cushion!

Enjoy some of my scary photos!

Peek-a Pooh

Zipping me up

I'm a penguin!

Come on Dad, Mom brought the wig for you!

Mom's Lil' Penguin!

Finally, get me out of this suit!

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Anonymous said...

Those pics were adorable. I can't believe how big she is getting. Great costume.
Love, Sheila