Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bring Your Friend to Class Day

Sunday we had our 6th Baby Sign Language class and it was bring your friend to class week. So I called 2 of my good buddies Caden and Izzy and invited them over for class and dinner. Dad cooked Lasagna for the adults and a pot of black beans for us. I guess he was trying to get us loaded up on gas for the week seeing as to how shortly after my bean dinner I blew my britches out!! We are trying to get more protein and iron into my diet so beans cooked in the cast iron skillet should do the trick.

Yesterday's class looked at the signs for play. We learned about 10 new signs and a new song about bubbles! I am so glad everyone came over and that we all had a chance to play, sign and chew on the same toys! I look forward to many more play days in the future with my friends!

ps...I was pitching forward in the shot above and nearly fell out. You can see Mom coming in for the rescue...Thanks Mom!!!

My posse: Izzy (L) and Caden (R)


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