Sunday, March 16, 2008

Backpack Carriers

Mom decided to buy 2 new baby carriers to help haul me around now that I can ride on the back. Today we went for a walk around the 'hood to test them out and I have to say I really had a good time. I must admit it's kind of nice being hauled around so much. This whole walking thing is going to be a change.

On another note, Mom saw me do the half crawl last night while Dad was cooking. I have been up on all 4's since December but have yet to take that first step towards crawling. I can move my knees but I just can't seem to get the arms moving. Well, last night I did what I would call a half crawl. I moved one of my arms, one of my legs, and then tried for the others but just couldn't muster up enough energy. I should have it down real soon and I'm sure we'll put some video up to show the world.

Enjoy some of our latest pics,

Ergo Baby Carrier

Yamo Baby Carrier

My best attempt at looking like Uncle Pooty

Show me the money!

I came down with another fever and a runny nose so I have been resting a lot the past few days (and then up all night!) I may be teething since I have a little fever but it may also be a little cold?

Out like a light in Dad's lap!

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