Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pictures

We took a trip to NY for Easter to see Mom's family and friends. I got to meet a lot of new people and family for the first time. Its was a great trip that didn't last long enough. We arrived home and met G3, PawPaw and Cousin JoJo at the airport. They were in town to stay with me during the day while Andrea (my Nanny) went out of town.

Dad and Mom forgot to inform PawPaw and G3 about 2 minor details before they left for work.

1. I am mobile! Yep, crawling everywhere!

2. I am teething!

It was rough having to crawl everywhere I needed to go while cutting teeth. I made sure I let everyone know what was going on! Actually, I believe I am cutting two teeth. I guess it's best to get them over with all at once!

Enjoy a few pics...

My Easter Hat

This picture looks very similar to another one...

AT, New Hampshire - 2002


Cousins Rule!! They even share their Easter eggs!


A & G & Stella Dot (& poodles, too) said...

We have the same fuzzy coat, too! Funny...

Câmera Digital said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tia! Wish I knew you were in NY, would have loved to meet Maya! Would also have loved to share the good news in person: I am engaged :) Hope to hear from you soon! Danielle