Monday, March 10, 2008

Mirror Lake, Mt Hood Oregon

Dad here...So I am off on another business trip this week. This time I'm headed to Portland Oregon for a week long meeting. Since I was flying all the way to the west coast I took advantage of the free trip to see some good Peace Corps friends. Thanks to Amy and Adam for hosting me and to Alison, Dave and Micah (pictured above) for driving down from Seattle to have breakfast with me. Micah is 2 months old and was so eager to meet Maya...maybe someday soon!

Adam and I headed up to Mt Hood after breakfast for a hike up to Mirror Lake. It was supposed to be a 3 mile hike but it must have been close to 6. The Northeast has been smothered with tons of snow this year (much more than average) and so the trail was very hard to follow. With so many people snowshoeing and skiing it was hard to tell which tracks to follow. Since we couldn't seem to find the right trail we just started hiking up. We put ourselves in some really scary predicaments where one slip would have sent us falling hundreds of feet. Not sure how I made it through some of the situations. I wish I had a few pictures of some of the areas but I was too nervous to even think about getting the camera out. Mirror lake was so beautiful once we found it and the view of Mt Hood we spectacular!! I took some video and more pictures that I will put together down the road.

WOW, that's a lot of snow! You can't even read the trailhead sign.

Adam getting a little nervous over a semi-sketchy area. It's a lot steeper than the angle shows.

Sitting atop the marsh at Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake with Mt Hood in the background.

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