Thursday, January 22, 2009

By Request...

We had a few requests from the grandparents for some more snowy pics, so here you go. After thawing out and taking a long 3 hour nap we headed back out for some more snow play. This time Mom and Dad bundled me up in this sleeping bag like suit. This suit is a hand me down from my cousin JoJo and the tag says "fits 0-3 months". That didn't seem to stop Mom and Dad from stuffing me in to it. It was designed for your feet and hands to be inside but since I was a little too big mine stuck out. This meant that my time outside would be limited due to freezing fingers and toes. If you don't believe me just look at the second to last picture...I'm frozen!

Sledding down the hill into the woods in my neighbors yard. I shouted in glee the entire time as we flew down the hill...until Dad drove us into a tree!

Out in front of the house

Eating snow...I couldn't get enough of the frozen treat!

The ruler says it all!

Frozen solid and ready to go home!

This picture was taken the next morning while outside playing with the huge icicles hanging from the house.

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