Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We awoke this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. Dad and Mom took me to the window and I was awestruck. It was as if I woke up in a new world. I ran to the front door and just looked outside in pure amazement. I have never seen anything like it. We haven't measured but from the look of the cars it must be around 6 inches and it's still coming down. It is supposed to be around 18 degrees tonight so we'll have some nice sheets of ice to propel us down the hill! We can't wait! Enjoy some pics from the morning.

Sledding down the hill on Mom's childhood sled.

Once my fingers and arms regain their natural color and our clothes are dry we'll head back out.

Building a fort to hide from Dad's snowballs with my friend and neighbor Ella.

Our fort.

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Anonymous said...

Maya, I sure wish I were there to go sledding with you. It has snowed every day all day long here for three days and our grass is still green.

Love you.