Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cupcake Saturday

Today was Dad's 34th birthday! Unfortunately, he was away at the Science Blogging Conference (more on Dad's conference in a future post) in RTP all day so we didn't get to enjoy it with him. Mom and I made cupcakes for Dad to have when he came home. Mom had all she could do to keep me from eating the cupcakes. I don't get sweets very often. In fact, I have only had chocolate twice and both times I knew there was something special about it. I tried nonstop to climb up onto the chair to reach the cupcakes but just couldn't manage to make it. I tirelessly signed "more" and "eat" until Mom realized she just needed to get them out of my sight. Finally, after waiting all day to eat those cupcakes, Dad came home and he shared a cupcake with me! Oh my, I couldn't get enough!

There has been a long standing myth that if you give a kid sugar they will bounce off the wall uncontrollably until the sugar high wears off. This couldn't be farther from the least for me. After eating my cupcake with Dad we went to bed and I was out like a light.

Here is a link to an article that we read recently on debunking popular myths...

Scientists have even studied how parents react to the sugar myth. When parents think their children have been given a drink containing sugar (even if it is really sugar-free), they rate their children’s behaviour as more hyperactive. The differences in the children’s behaviour were all in the parents’ minds."

Even more myths for those interested.

This is the card that Mom and I made for Dad. Mom punched out the hearts and I stamped the leaves and scribbled with crayons. Happy Birthday Dad!

ps...The hat was Dad's birthday gift from Mom and I.


mistersugar said...

My goodness! I had no idea you were a dad, a dad of a cute daughter, and a dad with a cute daughter celebrating a birthday at ScienceOnline'09. Hope you enjoyed the day, and returned to a happy home.

Brad said...


I had a great day! You all did an excellent job hosting yet another very informative blogging conference. Job well done!

redheadedhowler said...

Happy Birthday Brad! Maya is so cute, I can just imagine what she must have looked like signing for those cupcakes. We have to get these babies together sometime soon, I think they would have a ball. :)