Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dressing up for a new Nanny

Over the past few days I have developed this new desire to take all of the clothes out of my drawers and try to put them on. As you can tell from the above picture I haven't been too successful. The purple shirt around my neck is actually the shirt that my baby wears. Once I realized that I couldn't get my arms through the holes I gave up and tried to put on my pajamas. Once again, I wasn't very successful. As hard as I tried I could never really get my head inside the leg where my foot normally goes. But once I had it secure I ran around the house giggling in glee.

With Dad's help I was able to put on my jacket correctly. But I can't get enough of the zipper. It just goes up and down and never stops. Sometimes it will get stuck and I'll get frustrated but overall I'm pretty amused by the fact that I can unzip whatever Dad and Mom zip up. Once secure in my jacket I headed for the kitchen where I found a suitable pair of plastic shoes. My new shoes must have kept me busy for what seemed like hours. I danced, ran, and took on and off my plastic shoes over and over and over! Oh, and the hat...yeah, I put that on too. If Dad has his hat on I have to have mine on.

So where does the Nanny come into all of this? Well, on January 22nd our Nanny Andrea is leaving us. She is pregnant and due in early February. We will miss her and Abi (her 3y/o daughter) but we are happy for her and her new addition to the family.

So where does this leave us? Nannyless! We are interviewing now but if anyone knows of a nanny who would like to take care of me please let us know. Just ask Andrea, I'm worth it!!

We interviewed at a nearby school called The Walking Stick Ranch this week but I can not attend until I am at least 2 years old and potty trained. We will keep working on that potty thing but in the meantime we'll be on the look out for a Nanny.


Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

I'm desperate to hear how the interview at Walking Stick went!!!

Holly said...

have you asked any of the lemur center moms? There are a few moms there now with kids under 3.