Saturday, June 27, 2009

For those of you not using Twitter...

Playing music @ Long Island Childrens Museum. on Twitpic

The last couple of weeks have been very busy and extremely difficult. We have been very occupied of late with work and home duties that posting to the blog has become an afterthought. We have 3 blog posts half written and only a few of the pictures uploaded but have not found the time to finish them. The most important of them and probably the most likely to ever get posted at this point is about Maya's 2nd birthday party. We promise to finish it soon and post a few pics.

On Tuesday afternoon we received a call that Tia's Dad had been hospitalized. We immediately packed up the car and drove through the night to New York to be with him. We arrived around 615am and spent the entire day at the hospital. I think our visit made his day! After nearly 40 straight hours of having our eyes wide open, our heads finally hit the pillow for some much needed rest!

We'll be up here throughout the next week making sure that everything is fine before returning home. Tia has been at the hospital every day while Maya and I are trying to keep ourselves busy. We've been hitting a few Museums and tomorrow we're headed to Jones Beach.

We most likely won't be posting much to the blog over the next week (unless we get the itch) so be sure to check out our Twitter feed in the upper right hand column of the blog or by clicking here. I'm updating it with my phone so excuse the poor quality pics.

PS...Once we post pics from Maya's birthday you'll understand the significance of the picture above.


Holly said...

I'll keep your family in my thoughts. On a Durham note, looks like you missed the excitement of a wild bear roaming around the museum.

Brad said...

I know, Holly! How weird is that!! I just read about it last night.