Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm growing up fast!

I think I have finally pushed myself over the hurdle! I will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT, pee in my diaper anymore. Yes, that's right, I hate the feeling of a wet bum! If we are outside, I'll pee in the grass. If there's a bathroom nearby, you better get me there fast or I'll throw a fit.

Today while walking around Port Washington I threw a fit yelling "Potty, Maya Pee Pee, Daddy!!" I was able to hold it until we found a bathroom and even though it's a lot of trouble to take my pants and diaper off, it's worth it!

About 3 weeks ago Mom bought me my first set of underwear. Mom and Dad keep telling me that I can't pee in them, that I can only wear them if I pee in the potty. Well, I guess it's worked!!

On another note...I have been talking up a storm lately. My ability to talk in sentences is growing every day. Just last week I strung 4 sentences together and formed my first paragraph. I've been repeating everything the GPS lady says while driving and today I repeated the chorus to a song that was playing on Sirius.

Oh, and one more thing. Dad and Mom need to watch their language around me because I am beginning to repeat and learn a few words from their adult vocabulary. I'll leave it to your imagination as to what they are.

I'm growing up fast!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tia! I wish I knew you were in Long Island...and that your Dad is sick. I hope he is feeling better by now. If there is anything your NY friends can do to help please let us know! He is in our prayers...
Love, Danielle