Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Day In The Life

Here is a video about a day in the life of me - Maya Dorothy Herring. I know it is a bit long but it is my first try at making movies. I wanted to show everyone what life is like here in North Carolina.

I usually wake up in the morning to tickle time with Mom and Dad. After breakfast I take a bath and then I either head to the beach, pick blueberries or just relax in the hammock. I may take a nap or get in my Moses basket and play with my farm animals. In the evening I'll get on the computer to update my blog before Mom and Dad tuck me in for sweet little dreams.



Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that video was made on a mac. It's funny that Maya is so good at updating her blog even though her fingers don't reach the keyboard. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

How fun. You guys have blueberries in the yard! I am jealous. She looks like a nice mellow gal but as we know looks are sometimes deceiving.

Hello from the California crew. Gia laughed at Maya and then got upset when the movie ended. So for toddlers it looks like the movie was not long enough! Congratulations you three.