Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot & Sweaty

Sorry it has been a while since my last post but there has been a lot going on lately and I have not had the time to get on the computer. Our AC/Heat in the house went out 2 weeks ago (smoke was billowing out of the returns) and hopefully will be fixed on Thursday of this week. It has been so hot in the house that we have had to get out as much as possible to avoid the stuffy heat. The inside temperature in the house is averaging 82 degrees at night so as you can imagine sleeping has been tough and spending time at the computer has not been a top priority for me.

To get out of the house during the heat of the day Mom and I have taken several excursions. We went to see Dad at the Museum, we went shopping in Carrboro, and we went to hear Doc Watson and Jack Lawrence at Mom's Museum. This week Grandma Mary has been in town so we have enjoyed the AC and pool at her hotel! We've also had to eat out every night because the heat from the stove would have us all sweating bullets. I usually fall asleep in the sling when we go out to eat so Mom and Dad can eat peacefully. I will miss all of our little trips out to dinner when the AC returns but rest assured I won't miss the sweltering heat in a house with no screens and a yard full of mosquitoes.

Today I went to see Dr Ramsdell for my 2 month well check and I passed with flying colors. I weighed in at 11 pounds - 11 ounces and now I am in the 71st percentile for my age group. Looks like I am in line for a great childhood!

Enjoy a few of my latest pictures and the new article on where babies look that I posted in the articles section. - Maya

Enjoying some NC Bluegrass from Doc Watson

Mom's milk perfectly packaged!

A neighborhood walk to see our friendly neighbors.

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Anonymous said...


You have to stop growing until I can see you again. You are really getting to be a big girl. I am missing so much not getting to see you. I can't wait until I get to see you at Uncle Jon's wedding.

Love Gramma