Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Festival For The Eno!

Listening to Bearfoot Bluegrass at the Grove Stage.

Today we celebrated the 4th of July at the 28th Annual Festival for the Eno. All proceeds from the festival go to preserve and protect lands in the Eno River basin. In 1998 the festival raised over $100,000 which set a record for the Eno. It's nice to know that the proceeds are benefiting a great place!

My friends Alex, Karin, Drew and Anna sent me this t-shirt just in time to wear to the Festival. I was able to show off my recycling outfit at one of the most environmentally friendly festivals in the US. The festival prides itself on their trash free recycling program and solar powered stages. All of the vendors use compostable dinnerware and recycling stations are set up throughout the festival to educate the public about the importance of composting and recycling. Only an amazing fraction (9%) of the total waste generated by festival-goers ends up at the local landfill. Let's hope that other events and festivals around the world will follow in the footsteps of the Trash Free Festival for the Eno!

Meet Sandy Feat! Ed Moore has been sculpting sand art for many years and travels to festivals all over the US. By the end of the festival on Sunday he should have this sculpture of chipmunks complete.

We ventured over to see what critters the Museum of Life + Science had on display. They always have fun animals and activities. I got to see and touch a Giant African Millipede. This species is among the largest of the millipede family. Did you know that there are approximately 6,500 species of Millipedes throughout the world. Only about 600 live in North America. He had lots of legs but no where near 1,000. I'm not that good at counting yet but he probably had around 200-400 legs.

Flower girls!

A brief swim in the Eno River.

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