Friday, September 28, 2007

4 Months Old!!

Today I turned 4 months old...or as Dad says to anyone who asks...I am 124 days old! For my birthday Dad took me to Apple Orchard to buy some sun glasses to help protect my eyes. Then when we got home we went for a stroll in my antique Colson stroller. It's a bit bumpy but its a classic ride!

I have been having a great time with my nanny Andrea over the past two weeks. I am still not drinking from the bottle so she has to take me to see Mom for lunch everyday at the Museum. They have tried everything to get me to drink from the bottle and I am just not taking it. Since I have started teething they decided to put some cold milk in a Born Free bottle that has a sippy cup top to it. I chew on the top because it feels good on my incoming teeth and at the same time I get a little nourishment.

I can even hold it up on my own now!

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Marilyn said...

My son Dietrich felt the same way about bottles. It was mom or nothing (actually it was mom or a very loud scream). But at 6 - 7 months he could drink from a tippee cup and all was well.