Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fenway In September

There is only one thing better than the Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway in September. That would be Sox/Yankees in October! Maybe next time and with Maya of course, no offense Tony!

We had a GREAT time in Boston and look forward to going back. We only had one mishap and believe it or not it had nothing to do with the Sox/Yankees game. Some may think Bostonians are appropriately rude and I found myself reminding Tony that Boston is a little different from the south. Where Tony comes from it is OK to start up a conversation with just about anyone but that is not the case in Boston. Fah chrysakes, this ain't Noo Yawk!

First you need to know that Tony would talk to a tree if it would only talk back, nothing wrong with that seeing as to how I am the same way. While at the Bar watching Tennessee get clobbered by the Gators Tony decided to ask his neighbor what his girlfriend was drinking. Not a smart idea Tony! The bouncer ended up escorting Tony's new friend out of the bar before Tony got scuffed up. I know all Bostonians are not like this, in fact we sat next to some great people at the game, but Tony left Boston with a stereotypical image of all Bostonians being a little Bizah.

I guess if Tony had just started off the conversation with "Hahwahya, wicked game uh?" he would have made a new friend.

Hanging on the streets supporting the home team prior to game time.

We threw ball with this giant.

Anything to get yourself on SportsCenter!

Looks like he found a friend!

We couldn't resist heckling Jeter.

And believe it or not we actually made it into the game! Fenway is the smallest park in the major leagues so every seat is a good seat.

We finished it all off with a cup of chowdah and fresh lobster.

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