Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rolling and Teething

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get well? Between the three of us we just keep passing on the runny noses, sore throats and fevers! I was sick last week and now Mom has come down with a tickle in her throat that has turned into a nasty cold. I finally got over my virus only to catch what Mom now has. As if I needed to get sick again! It's a vicious cycle that seems to be making the rounds from one person to the next. Sorry Dad, you're next!

And just when we all thought we were due some good luck we were hit yet again. Dad's computer started making some funny sounds and then it just up and died. There must have been a major malfunction in the hard drive since it made all kinds of noises before dying. The good news is that his warranty runs out on September 30th so Dell is sending him a new hard drive. The bad news is that we may have lost all of my pictures saved on his computer. Knowing just how awful Dell computers are Dad decided to buy a back-up hard drive to save all of the data on. He bought it last week and unfortunately didn't have a chance to back anything up. At least the best pictures are on Google's server so that I have something to look back on in the years to come.

A couple of firsts have happened this past week. Last Saturday I surprised myself and everyone else by learning how to roll over. The only problem is that I am not sure what to do once I have rolled over. I don't have the strength to get my right arm out from underneath me so I always find myself crying for help to finish the task. It won't be long before I find myself rolling under the furniture.

Mom and Dad are beginning to think that I may be teething. As you can see from the picture above I have discovered the satisfying art of chewing on my fingers. I believe I am developing my first set of teeth so chewing on my fingers helps to ease the pain. However, sometimes I shove my fingers a little too far down my throat and gag myself causing me to spit up some of my food. Mom and Dad are now trying to get me to chew on my teething toys instead on my little fingers.

Yo-Yo-Yo, What-up!

Still sleeping sitting up because I haven't learned how to blow my nose. The little red guy is my terry cloth teething toy.

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upekuzi said...

Nice infant straight jacket. Does it come in toddler sizes too? 4T would be great...