Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Trip To Virginia To See Family & Friends

On Saturday we headed up to Virginia for a friend of Moms 30th surprise birthday party. I guess it is only appropriate if something happens right? Well, happen it did! We went out to the car to pack it up and found a flat tire. After pumping it up and realizing that it must be a slow leak we finished packing and hit the road. About 30 minutes into the 3-1/2 hour drive the AC in Dad's car went out. When it rains it pours and yet again we were without AC. At least this time we had the option of rolling down the windows for fresh air. But, you see, there is a problem with that too. I don't really like a lot of air blowing on me and so Dad couldn't roll all the windows down and it made for a pretty hot drive. When we got to Roanoke I think Mom and Dad had to peel me away from my car seat it was so hot.

We met Grandma Mary and Kathleen along with Amanda's (birthday girl) family and friends. We went to a local Greek restaurant for the surprise party. I think Amanda was very surprised and even more so to see me! It was so good to see everyone and have a chance to see Grandma. We met everyone for breakfast this morning before heading back home.

The ride home wasn't as bad as the ride up because I slept most of the way and I believe Dad had all the windows down. We had to stop at Dad's Museum so he could give a Spanish welcome to a local group called La Mariposa Project. It turns out that Dad had the wrong date and our trip to the Museum was not needed. But Mom couldn't resist seeing her old friend. He's really old!

One more week of Day Care left!!

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