Friday, September 14, 2007

The Virus That Got Me

Wow, what a week! I seemed to have contracted yet another illness and this time it was a nasty bugger! With temps reaching an all time high of 103.5 and a full body rash you can only imagine the pain I was in. We were left in the dark for a while as my blood was being tested for a bacterial infection that finally came back negative. I was able to stop the antibiotics and rely on my body to take over and knock out the virus. I am still not 100% but I am much better than 3 days ago.

Mom and Dad were both completely tied up with work and just could not get away. Mom had a presentation to the board and Dad flew in 20 people from across the country to attend a workshop he was running so they had to call in the reserves to take care of me. G3 (Grandma Jane) came to the rescue! With her previous nursing skills it seemed like the perfect fit. She really helped with everything and for that we are all extremely grateful! Thanks Grandma!

Dad has flown to Boston for the weekend to go fishing with uncle Tony. I am a little worried about them as they are tempting to test their fate. They have tickets to the Red Sox-Yankees game and are talking about wearing pink Yankees Hats and a "Patriots Are Cheaters" t-shirt. I think Dad just wants to be on TV!


ps...does the picture make my tummy look big?


Anonymous said...

Go Sox!

Anonymous said...

Maya, For Christmas would you please give your Daddy a course in photography. He needs to learn how to take a picture of you that shows your best side. He just doesn't seem to know which angle is the best for taking a picture of you.

Love, Gramma